Nantes: Let’s Go, SFR Launches its 5G Network (but we’ll have to wait to enjoy it)

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SFR launches its 5G Network in Nantes

MOBILE NETWORK: The operator, SFR launched, on Tuesday, an experimental phase of its 5G network in Nantes…

  • Transmitters have been installed in Nantes for the operator SFR to test its 5G network

  • For now, its use is for businesses, because no phone on the market is compatible.

Download an app in a snap, watch a video without it buffering, avoid being planted by its GPS … This is what promises the 5G network to mobile phone users. On Tuesday, the operator SFR officially launched in Nantes one of the first experiments for the implementation of this “very mobile broadband”, which is announced as 10 times faster than 4G +.

Problem, it will not happen any continuation in the pocket of the general public, which will have to wait “until 2021”. “The Nantais will be the first served,” wants to positiver Alain Weill, the CEO of Altice France who made the trip to the city of dukes for this event. First reason for this delay:  no phone sold on the market is currently compatible …

Telemedicine, connected car …

So what is the point of the first issuers that SFR has placed Gloriette neighborhood? “We have installed a box in the Digital Canteen that is able to pick up the signal and transmit it to devices,” explains Franck Coudrieau, Regional Delegate West at SFR. The goal is for voluntary companies to benefit from testing these possibilities, for example via virtual reality headsets. To do this, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (Arcep) has delivered frequencies on an experimental basis.

“The 5G will change the lives of the French, with reduced latency. It opens new possibilities in telemedicine, autonomous car or connected school, “says Alain Weill. This experiment is also a milestone for SFR, which is engaged in a frantic race to conquer the 5G market in France. If the operator will also conduct tests in Toulouse, Orange has already started operations in Marseille and Bouygues in Bordeaux .

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