Martine Aubry: “I Do Not Hate Macron but His Policy is Not Good for France”

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Martine Aubry, during the vows for the press, in January 2018.

WISHES: The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry,  came back on the situation of the country on the occasion of her wishes to the press this Thursday ..

  • The mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry spoke about the situation of the country during her wishes to the press.
  • Highly critical of Emmanuel Macron, the mayor of Lille is still in favour of the great national debate.
  • She also calls for a social-democratic union in the European elections.

In 2019, Martine Aubry goes on the offensive. On the occasion of her wishes to the press on Thursday afternoon, the mayor of Lille took the opportunity to return to the social crisis that the country has been going through for two months. And the former first secretary of the Socialist Party did not spare Emmanuel Macron .

Very critical with the President of the Republic for a long time, Martine Aubry assured that it was not a problem of person, but of ideas. “I do not hate the President of the Republic. I do not want to make myself sick because of Macron. I fight for ideas, and his policy is not good for France. His words hurt, “said the mayor of Lille, who believes that the president has its share of responsibility in the crisis in the country.

“Macron has a fascination for those who have succeeded”

” The crisis in our country has deep roots that are not new. To this downgrading and this impression of abandonment was added contempt on the part of the President of the Republic. And the Mayor of Lille to recall the sentences that shocked the French before putting a new tackle to the tenant of the Elysee.

“I’ll wait for tougher words from the President for tax evaders or those who leave with a golden parachute when they start a business. But Macron has a fascination for successful people, those who have money. “In addition to Macron, Marlene Schiappa, Benjamn Griveaux or Gilles Le Gendre also took for their rank for their” multiple appalling statements “.

She advocates a union list of leftist parties in the European

Still, the mayor of Lille says she is in favour of setting up the big national debate provided that the dice are not piped. “You have to say things clearly. In Lille, we know that for it works well, it takes rules. Everything has to go up and we must be able to listen and explain. What can worry me, however, is the letter sent to the French. She does not say a word about the purchasing power and excludes the ISF. I think the dice are still piped, which does not prevent me from being favorable to discuss. But it will take more than a debate to get out of this deep crisis. We need a real political change in France as in Europe. ”

In this regard, the mayor of Lille is in favour of a union between different parties of the left (ecologists, PS, Generations …) for the European elections . “We are at a turning point in history. If we are not able to present another social democratic project, the extreme right will win in Europe. We have to come together. I am not optimistic but we must go to the end, “insists the Mayor of Lille.


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