Manche: Fuel Prices Down Since November

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Fuel prices have tended to fall since November.

Since November 2018, fuel prices have dropped in the department of Manche, according to a study by a specialised site.

In the Manche department, fuel prices have been on a downward trend since November 2018. This is the result of a recent study conducted by the site   throughout the country.

The average price per liter at the pump rose from 1.53 euros for diesel in October to 1.43 euros in December (data calculated on the hundred registered service stations), 1.57 euros to 1,42 euros for the SP95 and 1.63 euros to 1.50 euros for the SP98.

Upward trend over the year

In 2018, the trend remained upwards for diesel at the pump  (3 cents on diesel) and lower for gasoline (- 6 cents on the SP95 and – 4 cents on the SP98) .

Last Friday, to cite some examples , one could note that the cheapest resort on the  English Channel  offering diesel was that of the  Super U of Bréhal  (1,329 euros). For the SP95, it was that of the Super U at Sartilly (1.359 euros), and for the SP98, the Netto at  Bréhal  (1.399 euros).

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