Brexit: Another Snub in a Vote for Theresa May’s Government

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More Brexit problems for Theresa May's government

The British government of Theresa May lost another vote in Westminster against the British MPs. In case of rejection of the UK Brexit withdrawal agreement from the European Union, 10 Downing Street will have to propose an alternative plan in the following days in Westminster.

Theresa May goes from bad to worse. The British Prime Minister lost a key vote on Wednesday in Parliament, which requires her to submit an alternative Brexit plan within three days in case of rejection of the exit agreement negotiated with the European Union in the vote scheduled for January 15th .

The amendment was approved by 308 MP’ss while 297 elected against. It will force the government of Theresa May to stand in front of the MP’s quickly. The aim is to prevent the Prime Minister from negotiating new concessions for several days with the European Union.

On the side of the supporters of a hard Brexit, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Conservative MP played down the impact of the vote on the amendment.

Already another defeat the day before

This snub comes the day after another defeat in the form of a warning, with the vote on an amendment to a budget law to limit the government’s power to implement a Brexit without agreement.

The government will now have to obtain an explicit green light from the parliament for the case of a  Brexit without agreement . Without this agreement, the government will not be able to invoke certain prerogatives in terms of tax legislation, says the provision voted Tuesday.

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