Yellow Vests: A Puppet with the Effigy of Emmanuel Macron Decapitated, an Open Investigation

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Yellow vests decapitate a puppet of Emmanuel Macron

A puppet with the effigy of the President of the Republic was beheaded at a rally of yellow vests on Friday evening in Angoulême. An investigation was opened by the Prosecutor.

Saturday afternoon, through a statement, the prefecture of Charente took “knowledge of the serious events that took place during a demonstration of Yellow Vests in Angouleme “. Especially with the “macabre staging during which a puppet with the effigy of the President of the Republic was beheaded “.

The parquet of Angouleme alerted

In the same statement, Marie Lajus, the State representative in the department said that she informed the Public Prosecutor of “facts likely to be qualified criminally”.

90 people took part in this event, which took place on Friday evening, on the island of Bourgines in Angoulême. This gathering had been declared in the prefecture but “its contents had not been revealed”.

An open investigation

At the beginning of the afternoon, the Angouleme public prosecutor, Jean-David Cavaillé , confirmed to our colleagues of the Charente Libre that he opened an investigation “for provocation to crime and outrages”. It is the police station of Angouleme which is in charge of this investigation.

There are many reactions on social networks where people say they are shocked by this staging “even if we do not agree with the President of the Republic.”

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