What to Happen with Eric Drouet, Organiser of the Yellow Vests

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Eric Drouet was arrested on Saturday

Eric Drouet, driver of Melun road, was arrested Saturday during the demonstration of Yellow Vests in Paris. He is notably suspected of carrying a prohibited weapon.

Saturday, December 22 early afternoon, the Melunais  Eric Drouet , was arrested in Paris on the sidelines of a demonstration of yellow Vests . He was arrested at 2.15pm rue Vignon, in the Madeleine district.

He is suspected of illicit organization of a demonstration on the public highway, carrying a prohibited weapon , and participating in a group formed for violence or degradation.

Laurent Nuñez, Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior, said on BFMTV what he blames the authorities.

“Mr. Drouet called for this event, he gave a number of meeting places on social networks, and he was present at these meetings. So it’s an organiser. And it is a crime to organise an undeclared event, it must be remembered. […] He was arrested on this count. And besides, it happens that he has been found carrying a club, and another grievance has been retained which is that of participation in a violent group, “he said.

“A rough manœuvrer

Eric Drouet’s lawyer, Kheops Lara, was annoyed about the treatment of his client.

“By a legal device that will not deceive anyone, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is deferring Mr. Drouet secretly tonight by retaining, on the basis of this single piece of wood found in his bag, a weapon port without a legitimate reason and a participation in a group to commit violence (sic), “he told BFMTV.

“This is a rude manœuvrer aimed at discrediting him in the eyes of public opinion and making him look like a vulgar thief he has never been. […] Only the political motive explains the targeted arrest, the police custody and the diversion of procedure which is currently the object Mr. Drouet. The only real crime of Mr Drouet is to claim a rise in the SMIC or citizens’ initiative referendum. And to continue to claim them by the demonstration, constitutional freedom and included among the rights of man and citizen, “he continued.

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