Weather in Lorient: Rain and Winds

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Weekend weather forecast for Lorient and the surrounding area

The weekend weather for Lorient and the surrounding area is forecast for a very disturbed Saturday, a very active depression should cross, on Sunday across the Morbihan region


Associated with an active disturbance, the sky is overcast in the morning and mid-day with continuous and moderate to fairly heavy rains.

In the afternoon, the front linked to a depression that approaches Ireland is moving slowly because of the Scandinavian anticyclone that extends to France. The sky remains covered and gray with continuous rains, moderate to fairly abundant with a clear strengthening of the wind.

Wind southwest (strength 5, gusts 55-65 km/h, 65-75 on Groix) becoming chilly in the afternoon (strength 6, 40-50 km/h gusting to 75-85 km/h, 85-55 km/h). 95 on Groix and exposed coastline). From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: West swell 3-3.5 m. Min: 2 / 3 degrees (10 degrees at dawn); max: 12 / 13 degrees; (from 0 / 1 degrees to 12 / 13 degrees north of Gestel-Caudan-Kervignac). Evening variable with light showers at night and few showers, westerly wind weakening (gusts 40-50 km/h); 8 degrees at 8pm and 7 degrees at midnight.


Variable at dawn and early in the morning with clearings, the sky becomes dull in the middle of the morning and then covers at midday with the arrival of a depression.

In the afternoon, the very active front generates, with the passage of the heart of the depression, continuous rains, quite abundant to abundant with a rapid strengthening of the wind.

WIND SOUTHWEST BECOMING IN THE FIRST MORNING, FRESHLY SOUGHT AT MIDNIGHT (gusts 40-50 km/h) then, in the afternoon, at the heart of the depression force 6 from south to southwest (40-50 km/h). 50 km/h with gusts 65-75 km/h, 75-85 on Groix and exposed coastline). From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: West swell 2.5-3 m. Min: 5 / 6 degrees; max: 10 / 11 degrees (from 4 / 5 degrees to 10 / 11 degrees Gestel-Caudan-Kervignac). Return of late-night thunderstorms, with the wind easing significantly from west to northwest (gusts 40-50 km/h); 8 degrees at 8pm and 6 degrees at midnight.

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