Port of Saint-Malo: The Yellow Vests Evacuated, the Roundabout Unlocked

Local News
City employees (not to be confused with protesters) remove the yellow vests while policemen watch the handful of protesters still present.

Tuesday 18th December, police again intervened to remove the facilities of the yellow vests on the roundabout of the port of Saint-Malo.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018, early afternoon around 14 h 30, the national police is again intervened to proceed with the removal of facilities of the yellow vests, at the roundabout allowing access to the terminal of the port from Saint-Malo .

City of Saint-Malo workmen were present to remove the pallets, tires and various objects that the yellow vests had installed as they were “occupying” the roundabout.


During this time, police kept away and watched the few yellow vests  still around the roundabout (many had removed their vests).

“We’ll come back! “

Everything went quietly, even though the protesters’ looks looked very bitter and some tension prevailed. Some warned, moreover, that “they would come back”.

The other busy roundabout in Saint-Malo, near the aquarium at the entrance to the city, has not yet seen any intervention by the police.

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