Eric Drouet, Figure of the Yellow Vests, in Custody

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Eric Drouet, figure of the Yellow Vests arrested

The Melunais Eric Drouet, figure of Yellow Vests, was arrested in Paris this Saturday 22nd December.

Saturday, December 22 early afternoon, the Melunais  Eric Drouet , was arrested in Paris on the sidelines of a demonstration of Yellow Vests, explains France Info. He is suspected of illicit organisation of a demonstration on the public highway, carrying a prohibited weapon, and participating in a group formed for violence or degradation.

On December 8th, Eric Drouet was auditioned by the Judicial Police as part of an investigation for provocation to the commission of a crime or an offense following his remarks made during a debate on BFM during which he called to invest the Elysee. He is also targeted for organising an illegal demonstration.

His home in Melun had also been searched.

Eric Drouet and his lawyer had denounced “this disproportionate and unjustified investigation as the result of a smear campaign and media misinformation against him, where his remarks were distorted and relayed by some media and on social networks. “

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