Yellow Vests: Three People Arrested for Degrading Radars near Toulouse

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Three radars were degraded during the night of Thursday 22 to Friday, November 23, 2018 in Saint-Jory near Toulouse

Three men were arrested on the night of Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd November, 2018 for damaging radars in Saint-Jory (Haute-Garonne), north of Toulouse. Details.

On the night of Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd November, 2018, three people were arrested by the gendarmerie squad of Toulouse-Mirail for destroying three radars in the town of Saint-Jory (Haute-Garonne), north of Toulouse, according to information from Europe 1, confirmed also by a police source.

Caught in the act after torching an automatic radar on the D820, the three men acknowledged the facts, confessing even to have taken to two other radars in the last 24 hours. They claim to part of the movement of  “yellow vests” .

Delivered for the legal proceedings at the gendarmerie of Toulouse – Saint-Michel, they were placed in custody. The three men have all claimed to be part of the movement of “yellow vests” while the contestation continues this Friday in Toulouse where a snail operation is conducted on the ring road of the city.

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