Seine et Marne: Yellow Vests are Preparing to Block the Total Refinery at Grandpuits

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Since this afternoon, about forty yellow vests filter truck inlets and outflows in front of the Grandpuits refinery in Seine-et-Marne

This Monday, in the Seine-et-Marne, a dozen yellow vests took position in front of the Total de Grandpuits refinery. The movement could grow in the evening.

After the mobilisation of the weekend, the movement of yellow vests continues its route in Seine-et-Marne.

This Monday 19th November, while several groups have announced wanting to block fuel depots, some forty protesters (35 according to the police) have taken place in front of the refinery of Total Grandpuits-Bailly-Carrois .

This afternoon, they were four to start the movement , before being joined in the afternoon by other protesters: “The appointment, broadcast on social networks, is fixed  at 8pm  to really block the refinery, Marion explains, among the first on the spot. So we should be even more numerous tonight. ”

The purpose of the Yellow Vests is to prevent the supply of the site which is carried out partly in the evening and at night.

Protestors blocking refinery in Seine-et-Marne
On social networks, protesters are trying to mobilise

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