Map: November 17th Protest Against Rising Fuel Prices, Blockages Near You

Many blockages against rising fuel prices are expected in the country on November 17th

Saturday 17th November, the French are called to protest and block the country to protest against rising fuel prices. Discover the planned gatherings near you.

More than 350 blocking calls . Saturday 17th November, many French intend to mobilize against rising fuel . Throughout the country, from Brest to Nancy, Lille to Toulouse, via Marseille, La Rochelle, Rouen and Coulommiers, movements are expected.

Hundreds of events have blossomed on Facebook. Some have been removed, but groups are forming.

Barbecue in Sarrebourg, paralyzed Rouen, Nantes airport blocked …

In Paris, more than 200,000 people are interested in blocking the roads. In Lille , motorists are invited to clog the motorways, while in Rouen , they intend to completely paralyze the city. On the side of Sarrebourg , a giant barbecue will be organised on the national 4. In Nantes , the opponents want to block the airport.

If it is difficult to make an exhaustive list of all gatherings, a Facebook page tries to connect the different organisers. A map of known blockages has been set up. Almost all of France’s metropolitan territory is concerned, as is Corsica and the Dom-Tom. Mobilisations are also planned in Belgium.

For the moment, more than 350 blockades and nearly 200 rallies have been identified. Check out those planned near you in this map: 

The majority of French approves the movement

This national grumbling, which is materialised by a yellow vest placed on the dashboard, is  approved by 78% of French according to a survey of Figaro  published this November 2nd. It is linked to the sharp rise in fuel prices in recent months.

In early November, the liter of unleaded 98 is buying 1,617 euros , or more than 17 cents a year ago, according to the website .  The liter of unleaded 95 costs 1,546 euros (16 cents more than the previous year). But the biggest increase concerns diesel: the liter is bought 1.533 euro, against 1.268 in November 2017, that is 26.5 cents more. 

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