Lorient: Town Centre Businesses Authorised to Open on Sunday

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Town centre businesses in Lorient authorised to open in Sunday

To mitigate the economic impact of blocking yellow jackets, the prefect of Morbihan authorised businesses to open on Sundays 2nd and 9th December 2018. Essentially commercial areas. He reviewed his copy. The shops of the town centre of Lorient will open Sunday 2nd December

The shops of downtown Lorient are also allowed to open on Sunday 2nd December, said a deputy mayor of Lorient, this Friday 30th November, 2018.

Morbihan. Shops authorized to open on December 2nd and 9th

At first, the prefect of Morbihan had limited this authorisation to certain commercial areas of the department. In order to allow traders to make up a bit of the shortfall felt during the successive blockages of yellow vests.

But downtown Lorient was not on the list. The elected members of the council for Lorient have rushed into the the situation sending a request to the Prefect.  The prefect reviewed his copy. Shops will open this Sunday.

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