Weather in Normandy: Lower temperatures, Possible Rain

Local News
Lower temperatures for Normandy, this Monday 22nd October

WEATHER FORECAST: Normandy will have cooler temperatures than previous days with also the possibility of scattered showers across the department

This Monday 22nd October, 2018, the 295th day of the year, will see a change of the weather across the whole of Normandy.  All good things come to an end and this will be the case this week on the sky side. Exit the full sun of these last days, placing the weather half-dry and half-wet.

It will be necessary to wait until this afternoon to hope for some clearing of the clouds.

In the meantime it will be clouds, many clouds, and even a risk of scattered rain .

As for temperatures, the situation will be contrasted, but conversely.

Meteo France has indeed announced 9 degrees for first thing this morning, more than double that yesterday morning, and up to only 16 degrees at the best of the afternoon.

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