Weather. Icy Cold Weather will Arrive Over France this Weekend

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The icy cold weather returns to France at the weekend

WEATHER: A shift of temperatures for France by the weekend as icy cold weather descends across the country …

While 2018 is already among the three warmest years since 1900, and that the month of October has been remarkable, so far, by its mildness, even its summer temperatures, winter will launch a brutal offensive this week and until at least Tuesday. No region will be spared. In addition to the north-north-east wind and the rain, or even the snow at low altitude, the cold will drop the thermometers to December values.

Forget about the Indian summer and the sometimes summery sweetness that prevailed so far this October: here comes the cold, the true, the winter temperatures (at least for a month of October) – and, incidentally, the wind and rain, even snow in plain. We will almost go from summer to winter without going through the autumn box.

In question: a descent of polar air on our country. In other words, a mass of polar sea air, currently located near the Arctic, not far from Spitsbergen, will debouch Friday on the north of France. Before moving south on Saturday and settle for several days, until Tuesday at least

Translate: the wind will blow from the north and plummet all schuss at home from the high icy latitudes. Yet the anticyclone is there. Often synonymous with good weather, this phenomenon of high pressures will unfortunately be positioned fairly north and extend by a long dorsal.

Look at the map below: the wind, which turns clockwise around an anticyclone in the northern hemisphere, rises to the far north, catches chilly air and descends to the south to deliver this cold all fresh

Temperatures will fall over France at the weekend
A high pressure high located in latitude, a long dorsal and look at this magnificent flow of north which will tumble home from Friday.

As the announcement Meteo France, “from Friday, a cold air mass of maritime polar origin will flow through the Channel, to win the whole country in the day of Saturday. Temperatures will drop dramatically, with rain and even snow at low altitudes on all Sunday massifs. “

Do not panic, though: this cold and wet episode at a time should not last. Temperatures are expected to rise somewhat at the end of next week. And consolidate the high averages of the temperatures of this funny autumn.

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