Weather: Heavy Rains Expected Tonight Across the Country, Normandy on Orange Alert

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Heavy rains foecast across France, with Normandy on Orange Alert

Autumn has arrived this Saturday in France. And it will continue. This night from Saturday to Sunday, a hectic time will invade virtually the entire country. The north-west quarter will not be spared by the rain with occasional thunderstorms and generous accumulations to be expected, especially over a large part of Normandy placed orange alert for heavy rains and flooding

Gray and rain were waiting for you in the sky this Saturday. The disruption that is currently going through the country will continue its course towards the East, always laden with rain.

In the evening, the rains will intensify on the east of Brittany then Basse-Normandie, Maine and Haute-Normandie. It will rain all night on these regions.

A large part of Normandy ( Eure, Seine-Maritime, Calvados and Orne),  was placed in orange alert for heavy rains and flooding by Meteo France because the heaviest rains are expected in the middle of the night on the Norman hills between the Orne and Calvados.

4 departments are placed in orange alert for rain-flood: Orne (61), Calvados (14), Eure (27) and Seine-Maritime (76) from 10pm this Saturday evening. |
4 departments are placed in orange alert for rain-flood: Orne (61), Calvados (14), Eure (27) and Seine-Maritime (76) from 22 hours this Saturday evening. | screenshot Meteo France

The equivalent of a month of rain

It will be necessary to be careful during these next hours in Calvados (14) and in the Orne (61). These two departments are under surveillance. A particularly rainy disturbance is expected for the next night warns Agate Weather.

Due to its continuous and intense precipitation, this disturbance could lead to overflows of watercourses and thus cause localized flooding. The expected accumulations could be of the order of 50 to 70 mm, or 80 mm punctually. As a reminder, the average monthly rainfall for October is 78 mm in Caen (Calvados) and 76 mm in Alençon (Orne). In addition, it is not impossible that the downpours that fall will take locally a stormy character

A large part of Normandy is on Orange Alert
A large part of Normandy in orange vigilance this Saturday from 22 h. | Visactu infographic

Rainy start to Sunday

The west of Brittany will benefit from large clearings in the morning. But for the rest of the northern half, the start of the day is still often rainy, especially in Normandy. The rains will weaken and allow some brightening near the Channel and the north of the Seine to Alsace.

On the south-west quarter, the day looks very gloomy under more regular rains and copious afternoon in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. It snows from 1800 m above sea level on the Pyrenees.

On the Languedoc-Roussillon, a moderate tramontane chases the clouds in the morning. It will rain again between the Rhone Valley, the Jura, the Alps and the Côte d’Azur. In the afternoon, the weather improves from Lyonnais to Provence but locally stormy showers still cross the Alps and the Alpes-Maritimes to the coast.

Cooler temperatures

Sunday morning, it will be between 8 and 12 degrees in general. The maximum temperatures will be significantly lower than the day before with 14 to 18 degrees in general, 19 to 22 near the Mediterranean, as on the far north-east, locally 23 in the plain of Alsace.

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