Discover the Radars that Flashed the Most in 2017 in Normandy

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Discover the radars that flashed the most in Normandy

137 speed cameras issued 591,805 offenses in 2017 throughout Normandy. Which one flashes the most in the department? Discover it with our interactive map.

The 2017 list of radars has fallen. Of the 137 automatic cabins (fixed, discriminant and sectional radars) in Normandy , 591,805 offenses were recorded in 2017 according to the latest Road Safety figures.

The most “efficient” radar is at Darnetal (Seine-Maritime), on the RN28 in the Abbeville-Rouen direction, with 42,301 flashes in 2017. At the bottom of the podium, we find the radar of Croisilles in the Orne , in the direction Alençon to Rouen with 35 offenses.

The top 5 by department

In the Calvados 

  • Fixed radar to Herouville Saint-Clair in the direction Cherbourg-Paris on the RN814: 15 711 offenses
  • Fixed radar at Carpiquet in the Bayeux-Caen direction on RN13: 15 489 offenses
  • Fixed radar at the Hotel in the Paris-Lisieux direction on RD613: 14 223 offenses
  • Fixed radar at Pont-Farcy in the direction Caen-Rennes on the A84: 11 438 offenses
  • Fixed radar in Canapville in both directions on RD677: 11 152 offenses

In the Eure 

  • Discriminating Radar from Heudreville-sur-Eure in the Evreux-Val-de-Reuil direction on RN154: 25 415 offenses
  • Nonancourt fixed radar in the direction Dreux-Verneuil-sur-Avre on RN 12: 18 121 offenses
  • Fixed radar to Bosrobert in the direction Rouen to Alençon on the A28: 18 099 offenses
  • Fixed radar of Criquebeuf-sur-Seine in the Paris-Rouen direction on the A13: 15 319 offenses
  • Discriminating radar of Moisville in the Evreux-Dreux direction on RN154: 14 649 offenses

In the Manche 

  • Radar discriminating Avranches in the direction Caen-Rennes on the RN175: 14 975 offenses
  • Discriminating radar of the Val Saint Père in the Rennes-Caen direction on the RN175: 11 209 offenses
  • Discriminating Radar Park in the direction Caen-Rennes on the A84: 7793 offenses
  • Discriminating Radar from Fresville in the Cherbourg-Caen direction on RN13: 7429 offenses
  • Fixed Cametours radar in both directions on the RD972: 5065 offenses

In the Orne 

  • Fixed radar of Saint-Maurice-Les-Charencey in both directions on RN12: 15 089 offenses
  • Neauphe-sous-Essai fixed radar in the Rouen-Alençon direction on the A28: 8109 offenses
  • Disadvantaging radar of Gace in the direction Rouen-Alençon on the A28: 3670 offenses
  • Magny-le-Desert fixed radar in both directions on the RD908: 2922 offenses
  • Fixed radar from Saint-Gervais-du-Perron in the direction Alençon to Rouen on the A28: 2862 offenses

In Seine-Maritime 

  • Darnetal fixed radar in the Abbeville-Rouen direction on the RN 28: 42 301 offenses
  • Discriminating Radar from Oissel in the Oissel-Rouen direction on RD18E: 17,650 offenses
  • Fixed radar of Saint Martin l’Hortier in both directions on RD1314: 8737 offenses
  • Fixed radar of Saint Jacques on Darnetal in both directions on the RN31: 8244 offenses
  • Discriminating radar of Fesques in the Fesques-Neufchâtel-en-Bray direction on the A28: 6268 offenses

Discover our interactive map below. Attention, red light radars and those at level crossing are not counted in this map.

More speed cameras in 2018

In France, automatic radars “flashed” 4.9 million times in 2017 , 2% more than in 2016. An increase that the Ministry of the Interior attributes to the commissioning of 72 autonomous radars and 32 additional discriminating radars .

In 2018, a new generation of automatic radar should see the day: the radar turret , able to simultaneously flash 32 vehicles . The government plans to install 455 models in 2018.

After two months of decline, the death rate rebounded in France in September: 323 people were killed last month, 26 more (+ 8.8%) than last year at the same time .

Fewer deaths with the arrival of 80km / h?

Contrary to the national trend, the number of people killed on the road decreased  in Normandy between July and September 2018, compared to last year. In Seine-Maritime, there is a 58% drop in road traffic fatalities between 2017 and 2018 over the same period. In the Eure , there are more accidents but fewer deaths (13 people killed between July 1 and September 30, 2017, and three killed in the same period in 2018).

In the Orne , Calvados and Manche , the figures are generally down.

Would this result from the introduction on 1 July of the limitation to 80km / h? Yes according to Benoît Lemaire, the director of the cabinet of the prefect of Seine-Maritime, questioned by Normandie-actu .

“The move to 80 km   was to reduce the severity of accidents. According to these first figures, this can be verified because the number of killed has decreased much more than the number of accidents”

The start of the 80km/h, created a movement of anger throughout France. Many demonstrations took place to protest against this measure of the executive. In the four corners of the region, radars have been vandalized in Eure , Calvados and Orne .

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