Weather in Lorient: Cooler Temperatures Expected

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Cooler temperatures expected in Lorient

WEEKEND WEATHER: Cooler temperatures during the night, although it will still be mild during the daytime in and around Lorient …

Fresher and cooler temperatures through the night in and around Lorient, although during the daytime it should still be mild, especially for the time of the yearThe reason ? The anticyclone that is strengthening on Brittany and will repel the Atlantic rains onto the United Kingdom.

After a weak start to the autumn, cool weather has settled in the country of Lorient since Thursday. According to the latest forecasts, the weekend will be marked by evenings of cool nights and afternoons under a very mild weather, ideal for exploring the heritage.

Warm Sunny Saturday

Rare mists at dawn preceding a beautiful morning with a clear rise of temperatures. Great sun and beautiful mildness at mid-day.

In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent coastline in the country of Plouay via Lorient embellished rare and discreet filaments of very high altitude and small and beautiful cumulus of good weather north of a line Quéven-Lanester-Kervignac.

Very weak east wind with weak breeze effect in the afternoon limited to the littoral border. From Kerroc’h to Guidel Plage: beautiful sea. Min: 7 / 8 degrees; max: 20 / 21 degrees (from 5 / 6 degrees to 21  / 22 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Clear sky in the evening preceding a starry night with rapid mercury fall; 18 degrees at 8pm and 11 degrees at midnight.

Mild temperatures on Sunday

Beautiful bright morning despite the presence of high altitude sails, sometimes thicker, with rapid rise in mercury.

In mid-day and early afternoon, the veiled sky is acclimated to mid-altitude cumulus clouds. Quickly, before mid-afternoon, the sun takes a dominant place with beautiful high altitude filaments and a beautiful feeling of great sweetness.

Very gentle wind from northeast in the morning, turning to very light southwest in the morning then low in the afternoon. From Kerroc’h to Guidel: beautiful sea Mini: 8 / 9 degrees; max: 22 / 23 degrees; (from 6 / 7 degrees to 23 / 24 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Clear skies in the evening; 19 degrees at 8pm and 15 degrees at midnight.

A touch of freshness observed Friday

Under the cumulative effect of a fresh descent at altitude and a lack of wind, temperatures fell on Friday morning. Near the 6 ° on Lorient, it descended under the 4 / 5 degrees of Pont-Scorff to Hennebont and reached 2 / 3 degrees north of Plouay.

Far from being exceptional, the minimum temperatures have dropped to 4 / 5 degrees during the second part of 2017, 2012 and 2010. Farther back in time, 2007, 2005 and 1993 have also generated peaks of freshness at dawn with values ​​close to 3 to 5 degrees.

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