Val d’Oise: Ella Lostria, 15, the Rising Star of Dressage

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Competing in junior with two years in advance and winner of her first competition as a young rider, Ella Lostria won her first contest at just 15 years old.

The mastery of Lostria! Last weekend in Pamfou (Seine-et-Marne), Ella Lostria confirmed that the talent does not wait for the number of years. At only 15 years old, the rider from Ronquerolles won her first dressage competition for a young rider (regular category reserved for 18-21 year-olds) by riding for the first time Gotcha , a famous horse lent by Corentin Pottier .

Passion in heritage

“Everything accelerated from my second place at the French Championships of As minimal , last October at Le Mans (Sarthe). From there, I had the opportunity to compete in the junior … with two years in advance! This upgrade required to quickly master movements that I did not have to present in children category, such as foot changes in the air and some supported. Meeting this challenge fascinated me and two months later, I was selected for my first international competition, “says the Valdoisienne, who, in addition to his talent and perseverance, can count on Crymlyn , his mare.

“She has a lot of energy and a good mind and never refuses work. It allowed him to know in a few months all the movements of a seven minutes recovery and to become very galloping, in the expressions and the changes of foot in the air “, recounts Ella, which benefits from the advised advice of his parents, Bruno Lostria and Sara Magnusson-Lostria, international riders and coaches of many champions.

10 th at Euro Junior

“My father led the France Jeunes teams for twelve years and my mother won several French championship titles (in the 7-year-old horses category in 2013 with Zidane and then in pro-elite Grand Prix in 2014 with Urano D ). I inherited from them my passion for dressage and my competitive nature, “she says.

The member of Les Ecuries de Ronquerolles performed well at the international competitions in Compiègne (Oise) and Aachen (Germany), before competing in the Euro Junior, in July in Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne). The valdoisienne had finished 10th per team and 38 th in the individual achieving a score by 66.6%.

Ella Lostria is a rising star in the world of dressage
Ella Lostria is a rising star in the world of dressage . (© FfE / Psv)

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