Suppression of 1800 Positions in National Education by 2019

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1800 posts are to lost in Education in France

The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced Sunday, the removal of 1800 posts by 2019 and the increase in the budget of 850 million euros.

1800 posts will be abolished next year in the National Education, “that is to say 0.2% of the jobs of the ministry”. But its budget will be increased by 850 million euros, or 1.7%, announced Jean-Michel Blanquer in an interview with Figaro published Sunday evening.

These job cuts will only concern “the second degree (colleges and lycees) and administrative services,” said the Minister of Education.

Other affected departments

“The volume of teaching will obviously be maintained through the use of overtime,” added Mr. Blanquer, “overtime will be exempt from employee contributions, so more remunerative for teachers.”

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said in August that 4,500 jobs will be cut in the state civil service in 2019 and more than 10,000 in 2020.

Among the other ministries affected by downsizing, the Action and Public Accounts. The government plans to cut 2,000 jobs, said Wednesday Secretary of State for Public Service Olivier Dussopt on BFM Business.

The goal of a reduction of 120,000 positions in all three sides of the civil service during the five-year period, set by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign, was also recalled by the Secretary of State.

“Largest increase in the state”

In his interview at Le Figaro, Jean-Michel Blanquer also announced that the budget of his ministry would be increased by 850 million euros in 2019, an increase of 1.7%, “excluding the increase in our pension contributions from State “.

“This is one of the biggest increases in the state. The 2019 budget is nevertheless part of a general effort by all public authorities, “he said.

The government is due to present its budget for next year on September 24th.

“Another big priority is increasing the purchasing power of teachers. I started the social dialogue on the subject, “said Jean-Michel Blanquer, who intends” to give teachers a central place in society “.

“Education is no longer a priority”

“Up until now, national education has remained a priority and we can see that it is no longer a priority,” said Frédérique Rolet, of the Snes-FSU secondary education union, on franceinfo. “We’re going to have fewer teachers and more students,” she added.

In the reform of the Lycees, “it is said that it will mutualize the lessons, so everyone will no longer have the right to a rich training offer in all Lycees. So we suspected that the second degree would be sacrificed, but here we are lying to families and students, “she denounced.

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