Lille: A Big Block Against Rising Fuel Prices is Brewing in the North

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Calls for protest in the North of France against rising fuel prices

Several blockages against rising fuel prices are being prepared everywhere in France. This will also be the case in Lille, in the North and Pas-de-Calais

Everywhere on social networks, blocking initiatives are multiplying to protest the rise in fuel prices . With one and the same date: Saturday 17th November, 2018 . Neither  Lille (Nord) nor the Pas-de-Calais escape the rule with movements being put in place.

In Lille, an event has just been created on Facebook, entitled ”  Blocking highways 59 Lille and surroundings “. The organization is in its infancy, with organizers looking to take the pulse of the participants to do the best. For the moment only a few dozen participants are listed, far from cities like Toulouse .

Note already that a call for calm has been launched on the page: “I ask you please do not create an overflow. We are not here to create a riot but just block an axis. We are not thugs.

The goal of the national movement is to challenge the government and bring disgruntled road users to the streets.  In Paris, more than 180,000 people  said they were interested this Wednesday in a demonstration on the ring road of the capital. Appointments of the same kind are set everywhere in France.

In Belgium also
The same type of movement was also launched in Belgium, with already several tens of thousands of people declaring themselves interested. 
“At the same time as our French neighbours, let the state understand that we are tired of being their wallet,” the organizers said on Facebook. 
More information by clicking on this link.

Free toll in the Pas-de-Calais?

In the Pas-de-Calais, the mobilisation seems a little higher in Lille with, this Wednesday afternoon, more participants on the event ”  Blocking against the rise of fuels – Pas-de-Calais “. 

For the moment, a free toll operation is mentioned, as well as a snail operation, perhaps the day before. Here again, the organisation of the operation is still in its infancy.

But one thing is sure, if all the movements planned in the four corners of the hex came to materialise, it would be a sacred showdown for the government.

Case to follow.

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