60 km/ h Instead of 80: He is fined … for Driving Too Slowly

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A motorist fined for going to slow in the Côte d'Or

In Côte-d’Or, a driver was verbalized by the gendarmes because he was driving too slowly on a departmental road limited to 80 km/h. He was fined 22 euros.

“Frankly, it’s unfair! An inhabitant of the Loire has been caught travelling at 60 km/h on a main road limited to 80, between Dijon and Chalon-sur-Saone (Côte-d’Or). 20 km/h below the maximum permitted speed.  A small slowness that earned him a fine of 22 euros (but no withdrawal of any points)! 

“I thought an accident had just occurred, so I had to slow down”

And as this driver refuses to pay for driving too slowly, the penalty could climb up to 35 euros. This Thursday 6th September, the driver was on the move, he told our colleagues of Le Progress  : “Just after Nuits-Saint-Georges, a car coming in front made me kept flashing his headlights at me”.

“We were right in the grape harvest, with a lot of tractors on the road. I thought an accident had just occurred, so I slowed down.” 

The Highway Traffic Act prohibits driving too slowly

Justifications that did not convince the gendarmes. The latter confirmed the fine, but did not give more details about the circumstances.

They strictly enforce section R413-19 of the Highway Code . This stipulates that no driver “should interfere with the normal operation of other vehicles while driving for no good reason at an abnormally reduced speed”.

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