Singer Lady Gaga Pays Tribute to Zombie Boy

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Lady Gaga pays tribute to Zombie Boy

SUICIDE: Rick Genest, revealed by the clip “Born This Way” and known for his tattoos all over his body, committed suicide at the age of 32 …

The singer Lady Gaga paid a tribute to Rick Genest , better known to the general public as the Zombie Boy. The artist, tattooed from head to toe and hero of the Born This Way video, chose to take his life at the age of 32.

The young man’s body was found dead at his home in Plateau-Mont Royal in Quebec City, Canada.

Ask for help

It was on Twitter that Lady Gaga expressed her grief, but also called to not be alone when suffering.

“The suicide of my friend Rick Genest, Zombie Boy, is more than devastating. We need to work to change culture, bring mental health to the forefront and eradicate the idea that we can not talk about it. If you suffer, call a friend or someone in your family today. We must save each other, “she said.

In a tweet following , she explained that it takes “21 days to get used to something” and encourages her audience to “today be the first day or the continuation of the work you have undertaken”. In addition, she works with her Born This Way Foundation to make a difference

“Kindness and mental health are not things we take care of a day. These are not entries on a to-do list. This fall, in partnership with the Born This Way Foundation, I will explore the power of habits to develop cultures of kindness and well-being, “she said adding a link to her project.

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