Lot-et-Garonne: Serious Accident in a Toboggan at Aqualand in Agen, an Investigation Opened

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A serious accident occurred on the spiral toboggan of Aqualand in Agen

Sunday 19th August, 2018, around 6.30pm, a serious accident occurred at Aqualand in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), a toboggan water park. An investigation has been opened.

A tragedy occurred on Sunday 19th August, 2018, in the aqualand water park of Agen ( Lot-et-Garonne), which has only just recently opened.  At around 6.30pm, in the spiral slide, a woman was seriously injured while she was making a descent aboard a buoy, reports La Depeche.

Loss of consciousness and sensitivity in the legs

In the accident, the woman in question was seriously injured. Indeed, she lost consciousness and, on waking, had lost the sensitivity of her legs . She had to evacuated by helicopter to the hospital of Purpan, in Toulouse. Today, the victim of the accident recovers little by little: she has new sensations in the left leg.

The reasons for the accident still unknown

Difficult to determine the exact causes of the accident occurred in late summer 2018. We only know that two people were present on the buoy (including the victim). On Tuesday 22nd August, 2018, investigators went there to try to find out more. The first findings do not indicate any anomalies on the toboggan side.

Closed until further notice

Until all the checks are done and the conclusions related to the toboggan are drawn, it remains closed until further notice . The case is still ongoing. Since its opening in late June 2018, nearly 80,000 people have visited the park. 

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