A Car Drives at the Barriers of the British Parliament in London: Several Wounded

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British police block access to Westminster Bridge in front of Parliament in London on August 14, 2018.

On Tuesday, a car hit the gates of Westminster Palace in London, causing several injuries among pedestrians. The driver was arrested.

The reasons for this tragedy are still unknown. This Tuesday 14th August, around 7.30am local time (8.30am in France), a car has struck the gates of the Palace of Westminster, the British Parliament in London.  The vehicle caused “several injuries” among pedestrians, police said.

In the wake, the police intervened and called the driver, a man. An investigation was initiated to determine the circumstances and reasons for this accident.

Heavily armed police

Images on social media show heavily armed police surrounding the gray vehicle, whose driver was later taken out and taken away, handcuffed, while the streets around Westminster’s Parliament were closed.

Other images showed the police holding the man, dressed in jeans and a black jacket.

“I was walking on the other side” of the road, said a passerby, Ewalina Ochab, interviewed by the British Press Association. “I heard some noise and someone shouted. I turned around and saw a gray car rolling very fast near the gates, maybe even on the sidewalk. ”

“The person driving the vehicle did not go out,” she added.

The United Kingdom was hit in 2017 by a wave of attacks, including four claimed by the group Islamic State, which made a total of 36 dead and 200 wounded. One of them was committed in March on Westminster Bridge and in front of Parliament.

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