Brittany, the region most affected by skin cancer

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Brittany is the region most affected by skin Cancer

We can believe that it is harmless our beautiful Breton sun. And yet, preventive actions should not be neglected.

The sun shines and the wind blows on the beaches of CaroualErquy in BrittanyThe temperature is nice, it is neither too hot nor too cold. Perfect to bask in the sun!

But, do not you remember something? If … you have to put cream! In Brittany , the sun burns just as much as on the Côte d’Azur.

As on the French Riviera

So, sunscreen, sunglasses, caps and umbrellas are de rigueur. The Côtes-d’Armor Cancer League is here to remind you. “With the clouds and the wind, we do not have this burning sensation, but the intensity of the sun is the same,” says Lydie Carduner, coordinator of the League. It indicates that Brittany is the French region most affected by melanoma, a cancer of the skin .

Anti-UV for a good tan

On the beach, we should not see any babies or children under 3 years old. Their skin does not allow them to expose themselves to the sun for a long time. What about the parasol? “The UV passes through, especially if it’s fine,” says Lydie Carduner.

So yes, it’s true that it’s great to come home from Erquy’s holiday full of memories and tanned skin. Yet, it is believed that tanning is a protection. So remember to expose yourself gradually, and to put cream even once your tan.

“The anti-UV cream is the best anti-aging cream”, repeats Lydie to whoever wants to hear it. Indeed, the sun accelerates the aging of the skin. Even with a 50 index we protect ourselves but we can still tan.

Skin and eyes

Below 30, however, “it’s like you’re not putting anything”. You may have already noticed, the name total screen has disappeared from our shelves. The reason is simple: we are never totally protected.

Sunscreen is important, but do not forget your glasses. “It’s important to protect your eyes to avoid the risk of glaucoma,” recalls Lydie.

And for those who love water sports, there is now anti-UV clothing. Wear absolutely during your trips to sea, to avoid the risk increased by the reverberation of the water.

So we all repeat together one last time! If you expose yourself, it’s gradually, with cream, you avoid between 12pm and 4pm and you do not forget his glasses.

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