Brexit: London Proposes to Create a “Free Trade Area” with the European Union

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Theresa May plans to propose to the European Union a "free trade area" after Brexit.

After meeting with her government, Theresa May and her ministers agreed to propose to the European Union to create a “free trade area” after Brexit.

British Prime Minister Theresa May  announced on Friday that her government, divided on the exit of the EU, had reached a “common position” in favor of the creation of a “free trade area” between the United Kingdom and the EU for post-Brexit.

“Our proposal would create a free trade area between the United Kingdom and the EU with a set of common rules for industrial goods and agricultural products,” said in a statement the conservative leader, after a meeting.

A meeting in the countryside

Less than nine months of Brexit, Theresa May met this Friday with her government to determine the future relationship she wanted with the European Union. The British Prime Minister had gathered her ministers at a seminar in Checkers, her country residence 60 km from London. They had to agree on a “white paper” that would establish London’s position in its negotiations with Brussels.

“Our proposal will create a UK-EU free trade area that will establish a common regulation on industrial and agricultural products,” the statement said. The agreement will help avoid trade tensions and fulfill the British government’s commitments to Northern Ireland, Theresa May adds. “Now we must all speed up the negotiations to deliver the prosperous and secure future that our people deserve,” she says

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