Weather in Charente: Meteo France Forecasts Two Weeks of Sunshine and a Beautiful July

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Meteo France forecast two weeks of sunshine and a beautiful month of July for the Charente

After a damp, mixed end of spring, with a sky often covered and punctuated by storms throughout the Charente, Meteo France announced that from tomorrow Tuesday, the weather will change and that the sun and the heat will dominate in France over a period at least fifteen days.

In this sense, the Weather Channel reports that a climate transition is taking place in France. Thus, “The Azores anticyclone tends to re-inflate on the near Atlantic, but does not yet influence France directly. The increase in pressure reduces the effect of precipitation, which is good news. “For its part Meteo France announces that:” thanks to a clear increase in pressure fields at all levels, increasingly hot dry weather will settle on the country. “And add:” On the calendars, the summer will begin this year only the 20th June. “

Weather forecast for the Charente on Wednesday
Weather forecast for Wednesday
Photo credit: Météo France

A situation that results in a clear improvement in weather from Tuesday and hot weather felt Wednesday and Thursday. With a temperature that should rise to 30 degrees on these two days, 4 degrees more than the normal season.

The rest of the week will be a little cooler, with temperatures falling by 5 to 6 degrees. This trend is expected to last at least until the end of July according to meteorologists’ forecasting models. Bad luck for those who take their holidays in August, which should be one of the worst summer months. A forecast that is only a trend because it is difficult to accurately forecast the weather over such a long time.

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