World Cup 2018: Will There be Broadcasts on Giant Screens?

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Will there be any Giant screens for the World Cup 2018

The Interior Ministry has announced that there will be no retransmission of the matches of the World Cup 2018 on large screens in public spaces, unless security conditions are strict

The broadcasts of the matches of the next football World Cup in Russia will be banned in the public space unless security conditions are strict , because of the terrorist threat, announced Tuesday 29th May, 2018 by the Minister of the Interior.

In a note published for the attention of the bosses of the police and the national gendarmerie, Gérard Collomb first indicated that ” areas for large screens can in no case be organized in open public spaces.”

After the publication of numerous articles stating that any retransmission event will be banned, the minister has qualified his comments on Twitter.

Spaces should be “secure” and “limited”

In a statement, the Interior states that:

“The ministry has not banned retransmissions in public spaces. On the other hand, he indicated to the prefects that these retransmissions could only take place in secure and limited places.”

The ministry notes that “the circular of the Minister of the Interior issued this morning to the prefects aims to identify the various initiatives planned by municipalities on public space.”

The state will thus “define locally with the mayors and organizers the prior security measures it is up to them to set up and be able to organize the deployment of police forces necessary for the smooth conduct of rallies.”

Same as for Euro 2016

The device chosen “is the same as during the Euro 2016” and gatherings in the public space “should be secure”, insists the place Beauvau.

During the competition, a similar controversy erupted. Several cities, especially those hosting matches (Paris, Marseille …) were able to broadcast the matches in “fan zones” ultra-secure .

This did not prevent, in the four corners of France, the cafes and bars of retransmitting the matches on their terraces without means of particular security. 

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