TV Rights of Ligue 1: More Than 1.1 Billion Euros Per Year, Canal + Ousted

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The TV Broadcast rights of Ligue 1 amounts to 1.1 billion euros

The LFP announced on Tuesday that the TV rights for the 2020-2024 period of Ligue 1 will increase to 1.153 billion euros per year. Canal +, the historical broadcaster, did not win any prize.

The domestic TV rights of the 2020-24 period of Ligue 1, the elite French championship, have been awarded against an annual amount of 1.153 billion euros , announced Tuesday the Ligue de football professionnel (LFP).

“This is a successful tender, with a significant increase in our TV rights,” said the president of the LFP, Nathalie Boy de la Tour.The fees for the period 2016-2020 amounted to € 762 million. The Spanish group Mediapro has won the main “lots” auctioned Tuesday by the League.

Canal + loses the entire broadcast

On the other hand, the historical broadcaster of Ligue 1 Canal + “is no longer awarded any lot” although it has made offers “on each of the 7 lots” put on sale, said the general manager of the LFP Didier Quillot, recalling that he is “partner of French football since 1984 and will remain so until 2020”.

Sources close to the record, some traditional broadcasters consider sub-licensing agreements with the majority holders of rights to recover at least some batches.

Didier Quillot also said Tuesday that “Mediapro can sublicense or not, it is at their discretion because it was provided in the call for tenders”. “What was given to us from Mediapro is the project of an editorial chain with many matches and that is why they have made offers on many lots.”

In detail, lot N.1, which includes the 10 best matches of the season and the Sunday matches at 9pm, and lot N.2, which includes Friday night matches at 9pm and Saturday at 5pm, have been awarded to Mediapro. Lot N.3, which has Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 5pm, has been awarded to BeIN Sports.

Two smaller lots were not awarded because the “reserve price” set by the LFP was not achieved, and will be put up for sale “before the end of 2018,” said the LFP .

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