Reblochon Recall at Leclerc: 7 Infected Children, One of Whom is Still Hospitalized

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The E. Leclerc centers had announced earlier that they were recalling this Reblochon PDO, following "several cases" of "serious" food poisoning by the bacterium E. coli 026

The Leclerc brand had to recall reblochon cheese after the infection of seven children with E. coli bacteria. One of them is hospitalized.

The authorities have asked the Leclerc brand to recall reblochon containing the bacterium Escherichia coli, the consumption of which has made seven young children seriously ill, a contamination whose size remains to be determined.

Of these seven children, aged one and a half to three, six were hospitalized. One of them was still on Friday. The others went home. They come from several regions of the country, told AFP Public Health France.

Health authorities have identified “seven cases of Escherichia coli infections, including six haemolytic and uremic syndromes (kidney complications, ed), in children aged one and a half to three years,” say the Ministries of Health and Health. Agriculture in a joint statement.

“The investigations conducted by the health authorities have confirmed an epidemiological link between these cases and the consumption of raw reblochons raw milk brand Our regions have talent,” the brand distributor Leclerc, says the government.

The E. Leclerc centers had announced earlier that they were recalling this Reblochon PDO, following “several cases” of “serious” food poisoning with E. coli 026 bacteria.

“This virulent bacterium can cause bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting within a week of eating the contaminated food,” the ministerial statement said.

These symptoms can evolve (in 5% to 8% of cases), after about a week, to a hemolytic uremic syndrome, a severe clinical form of an Escherichia coli infection.

“We began to ask questions last Friday [May 4] after the reporting of these cases,” told AFP an epidemiologist from Public Health France, Alexandra Maille.

“There was a consumption of cheese among these children, despite their young age. So we contacted the parents again this week to get details on their diet, and we had enough biological elements to link the cases to this product, “she added.

Investigations continue

The authorities hope to know more about the origin of the contamination “in the hours or in the days to come since the investigations continue”, indicated to the AFP the general direction of the Food (DGAL), which depends on the The Minister of Agriculture.

“Public Health France continues to analyze the recovery of hospitalizations they have. There could be other children that can be attached to this episode, we can not exclude “, we added to the DGAL, adding that the traceability survey will” possibly identify additional lots that should be considered at risk.

Given the “risk still important enough” for the health of the consumer, the authorities did not wait until the end of the investigation to communicate, it is argued to the DGAL.

The health authorities remind people who have consumed the cheese concerned and presenting this type of symptoms the need to consult their doctor as soon as possible by mentioning this consumption and the possible link with the bacterium Escherichia coli.

In the absence of symptoms within 10 days after consumption of the products concerned, it is however unnecessary to worry and consult a doctor.

The incriminated cheese is manufactured by the company Fromagerie Chabert, specifies the distributor.

“Consumers who are in possession of this product must not consume it and are invited to bring it back to their E.Leclerc center,” says the brand, stating that a toll-free number has been made available (0800.011.100) .

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