Government Could Reduce Social Aid to Employment if Unemployment Drops

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The Government could remove social aid to employment

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, said on Sunday that the government plans to reduce social assistance to employment, if unemployment falls. Explanations.

The government plans to reduce social assistance to employment in order to reduce the public deficit, if there are enough job creation in the private sector , said Sunday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire .

“On employment policy, I believe that from the moment we succeed in creating jobs in the private sector … it may be legitimate to reduce social policy on employment,” he said. The Mayor on the program “Le Grand Rendez-vous” Europe 1-Les Echos-CNEWS .

“We believe that we are not condemned to compensate for the inequalities by always more public expenditure, that is to say always more taxes at the end of the day for the taxpayer.”

A fight against inequalities that “is not the right one”

Mr. Le Maire did not specify the social assistance, but Le Monde revealed Friday that Bercy was studying ways to review the criteria for the award of certain social assistance or reduce the amount, with the aim of keeping government budget commitments.

In this document, entitled “Transforming social benefits”, the Budget Directorate estimates that social assistance constitutes “a growing weight” for public finances, of the order of 26% of expenditure.

According to Bruno Le Maire, “the way we fight against inequalities in 20 or 30 years in France is not the right one. There are significant inequalities linked to training, linked to qualification, linked to employment and unemployment, and we offset these important inequalities in France by ever higher social assistance. ”

“We want to break with that, deal with the inequalities at the root, by forming better, by qualifying better, by giving jobs,” he continued.

“It then allows us to reduce the amount of social assistance that is distributed to offset these inequities.”

However, he assured, “it does not forbid us to continue to help the most fragile, because we know that there are people who anyway, will need these helpers.”

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