Strike at SNCF: Still Some Disturbances Before a Gradual Return to Normal

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After the strke at the SNCF, traffic will gradually return to normal

On Monday, the SNCF plans a gradual return to normal, after a weekend very disrupted traffic for the sixth episode of strike action by the railway workers.

The SNCF has planned a “gradual return to normal traffic” Monday, during the May 1 bridge, after the sixth strike that caused disruption on Saturday and Sunday, for the return of vacation Zone C.

“Disturbances may remain in the early morning,” warned the SNCF in a statement, inviting customers to check on its information sites if their train will circulate.

It provides for Monday a normal traffic for TGV , almost normal for international trains, and three Intercity out of four.

Nine out of ten TERs are announced , and in Ile-de-France four Transilians out of five on average. Regarding the RER, the traffic will be normal on the lines A, B, R and U, and almost normal on the N. Four trains out of five will circulate on the line P, and two trains out of three, or three out of four, on the others lines.

Less than half of striking drivers

Saturday and Sunday, half of the TGV and a third of Intercités circulated, according to forecasts made Friday by the management who had welcomed the traffic is “significantly improved” compared to previous days of strike.

For the first time, less than 50% of drivers (49.6%) said they wanted to strike, compared to 77% on the first day of the movement.

On Sunday, the new secretary general of Force Ouvrière (FO), Pascal Pavageau, asked for a “moratorium” on railway reform, to allow to resume “serenely” discussions.

His counterpart of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, to be received at Matignon by the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, on May 7, in the framework of bilateral meetings with the inter-union CGT-Unsa-SUD-CFDT and the confederal officials, has hoped for discussions on the “bottom of the topics”.

“The outcome of the conflict is first and foremost trains that recirculate normally, but it is also that railway workers do not feel humiliated,” Berger said.

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