Evreux: High School Students and Teachers Help a Family

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At Evreux, students and teachers help a family

Exposed to a new obligation to leave the territory, two high school girls from Aristide-Briand are fighting with their families alongside high school students and teachers of their institution.

Naomi and Ruth Tshibangu are respectively in first and second year at the Aristide-Briand high school in Évreux  Exemplary pupils, they are schooled in Evreux since their arrival in France, 5 years ago. The two sisters and their families fled the Democratic Republic of Congo “for reasons of freedom of expression”. “The whole family was in danger,” explains Thierry Catan. Professor of philosophy in the school, the teacher took part, Thursday noon, in a support movement organized in the schoolyard. A peaceful picnic to discuss the situation of Naomi and Ruth and collect testimonials from students and teachers.

Threatened with expulsion for the second time

Already threatened by an Obligation to leave French territory (OQTF), issued a year ago by the prefecture of Eure , the family of Naomi and Ruth had appealed the decision in court. A few months after having won the right to remain in the territory, the prefect, tenacious, has taken a new decree of deportation to the border.

Unthinkable for the friends and teachers of the two sisters and their families who decided to support them by bringing their testimonies to the file as a new appeal judgment is being prepared.

Exemplary students

Just over three weeks from the date of the judgment, all mention exemplary students and parents involved in the life of the institution. “Many teachers have agreed to testify. The principal undertook to attest to the seriousness and diligence of the two students. It may be enough for Naomi to reach her dreams. In First L “to deepen French”, she already masters English and Chinese and aims a career in communication.


An online petition
Supported by the Network Education Without Borders (RESF27), the family of Naomi and Ruth has been fighting for two years to obtain a right of residence and out of a very precarious situation (no rights) that prevents it to access a home.
“How to justify such a situation of abuse? Such fierce persecution against this family, in defiance of the basic universal human rights and justice of our country? “Wonders RESF who decided to relaunch the petition launched in September 2017.
“Also, Mr. Prefect, we the undersigned, friends, parents, teachers, citizens, are still asking you again and again to use your discretion to authorize, exceptionally and benevolently, Mr. Tshibangu and his children to continue to stay on our territory and to occupy there in the legality, the serenity and the dignity, the full and whole place of citizens which is refused to them in their country of origin “.
To find out more  : www.educationsansfrontieres.org

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