Claire Chazal Evokes Her Love Stories: “I do not want to suffer anymore”

The Journalist Claire Chaval

CONFESSIONS: In an interview given to the magazine “Elle”, the former figure of TF1’s TV, Claire Chazel commented on her love stories …

Mediatized journalist Claire Chazal has seen her love stories too. And it is no pretense that the former presenter of the 20 pm TF1 engaged on his love life magazine Elle , on the occasion of the release of his new book, Since everything goes (Ed. Grasset) .

First relationship evoked with bitterness: his marriage with Xavier Couture , television producer and former deputy director of the first channel. United in 2000, they divorced three years later. A separation that the journalist regrets, visibly. “We did not get married young. I had spent 43 years. With this maturity, I thought we would go together until the end, she recalls. We had bought a house in Provence. And then he left. We had promised to close our eyes. ”

PPDA, “an extraordinary man”

On the other hand, Claire Chazal seems to have better memories of her relationship with Patrick Poivre d’Arvor . “Our relationship has been passionate, secretive, sometimes chaotic,” she says. It is not someone with whom one builds a rectilinear existence! But he is an extraordinary man. I first saw him as a lover, then I guessed the strength he would have to convey to a child. “She has a son, François, born of this union in 1995 and recognized by his father in 2005.

Now that she is no longer the headliner of the first JT of France, his love life is easier? “I’m no longer this 20-year-old or even the 40-year-old,” admits Claire Chazal . I’m no longer looking for passion, it’s no longer an obsession … Even if I did not totally give up! Today, I can imagine myself alone. I am currently and I live well. It’s a passage, I do not want to suffer anymore. “

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