Where to Hunt for Easter eggs, in Toulouse and in the Region

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Where to hunt for easter eggs in and around Toulouse

For Easter, different Easter egg hunts are organized in Toulouse and Occitania. Here are our tips for finding a maximum of chocolate eggs in unusual places.

It’s spring. And who says spring, says hunt for eggs. Many places offer entertainment for this first weekend of April.

Events in Toulouse

In Toulouse, the CitizenKid treasure hunt will take place in several dates. Wearing their toque as an apprentice chocolatier, children will have to find clues and reconstruct the recipe for Easter eggs. Chocolate eggs will be distributed at the end of the game. The chocolate treasure hunt will be proposed for the good cause since one euro per ticket will be donated to the Petits Princes Association.

Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April (at 10h, 14h and 16h). Duration: 1h. Go to the Capitol Dungeon. Info on www.citizenkid.com. 
Rates: 11 euros (children); 9 euros (adults).

The indoor playgrounds of the agglo are also on the page. Like Kidou Récré (6, rue Théron de Montaugé), Monday 2nd April, which is set up three hunts . Mini boom and other activities will brighten the day for families.

On the other hand, the hunt for eggs organized before the Carnival by the Cuckold is already complete (4000 eggs will be offered by Cacao Fages , a chocolate factory of Saint-Cyprien). It will take place on Wednesday April 4th at the Raymond VI garden, from 3pm to 6pm.

At the castle of Merville

We start with the castle of Merville , north-west of Toulouse. Every year, the largest labyrinth of boxwood in Europe (with its 10 km of paths!) Hides some 60,000 eggs . A good opportunity for the place to “teaser” his new season, which will be launched on April 14 on the theme of Greek mythology.

Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April 2018, in Merville. 2, Castle Square.
Rates: 8.50 euros (access to labyrinth, castle and egg hunt); children: 6.50 euros.
More info on the castle’s website.

At Duroch Park in Colomiers

In Colomiers is at Duroch park it happens Sunday 1 st April at 9am. The town hall of the second commune of Haute-Garonne, which organizes the hunt, announces various activities, including a drawing competition(with chocolate subjects to win for the best of them), inflatable games and 4000 eggs to find r. Can you find the little golden egg?

Sunday 1 st  April 2018, from 9 am. Duroch Park, in Colomiers. For children under 10 years old. Rue Gilet.
Free admission.

At Animaparc

At Burgaud (Chemin du Pouchot), the temple of children’s entertainment Animaparc (amusement park, dinosaur park and amusement park) provides for “Dino-Easter” on Saturday, March 31 and Sunday , 1st , Monday, Saturday 2 7 and Sunday 8 April.

Site: www.animaparc.com and reservations on 05 62 79 37 01.

In an educational farm

To the east, in Odars, the teaching farm of Château de Bergues (515 Revel Road) offers a farm visit + egg hunt, from March 31st to the 2nd April, only in the afternoon.

515 Revel Road. Reservations at 06 83 48 56 18 (prices: 6 euros for adults, 8 euros for 2-14 years).
More info on the Château de Bergues site.

In the Lauragais

Several egg hunts are organized in the Lauragais, south-east of Toulouse. Here are some ideas if you live in the area:

  • Baziège. Easter omelette and egg hunt, from 11 am under the hall. Egg hunt at 2.30 pm Info: 05 61 81 81 25.
  • Aguts. Easter meal (omelettes and grilled sausages) in the village hall organized by the animation center at 12 pm with egg hunt for less than 10 years (compulsory registration). Price of the meal: 13 euros for adults, 8 euros for children from 6 to 12 years old. Reservations at 06 11 80 96 95.
  • Vallègue. Easter omelette from 11 am on the lake parking lot (everyone brings their picnic). Animations all day with initiation to model making, model aircraft, boat driving, egg hunt for children, disrupt everything, bag race, wooden games … Registration: 06 12 04 34 11 or 06 19 75 41 15.
  • Escalquens. Egg hunt at 10:30 am at the open air market.
  • Lacroix-Falgarde . At 11 am, egg hunt at Ramier (two courses), at 12 pm Pascale omelette and at 3:30 pm, carnival. Participation of 2 euros for the hunt for eggs.

At the Nailloux Brands Village

The Nailloux Brands Village is waiting for you on Saturday 31st March and Monday 2nd April, from 11am to 6pm. The principle is simple: you will have to find the eight eggs hidden in the shop windows . Bring a booklet to record each time you find an egg. If you are insightful, you will leave with the “Easter Treasure”.

Saturday, March 31st and Monday, April 2nd. Location Le Grill, in Nailloux.
Info on the website of the Village des Marques de Nailloux.

At the park of prehistory

Finally, further from here, in Tarascon-sur-Ariège, the park of prehistory offers Monday, April 2 for its reopening, a hunt for eggs … mammoth! A giant egg (one meter for six kilos) is up for grabs and “surprise” eggs will be scattered in the park. With “VIP passes and big eggs” to win for the lucky ones.

Tarascon-sur-Ariège. From 10am to 6pm
Price: 8 euros.

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