Somme: At 192km/h, Without his License and Narcotic, he Pretends to be his Brother

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At the wheel of a Mercedes B class, it was controlled at a speed of 192km/h in the Somme

A man was caught speeding at 192km/h and under the influence of narcotics on the A16 near Amiens (Somme). Without a license and a repeat offender, he pretended to be his brother.

60km/h over speed and under narcotics. Sunday, March 11, around 17h, a man driving a Mercedes class B was controlled at a speed of 192km/h by the gendarmes of the road safety squadron of Amiens (Somme) , on the A16 at Saint Vaast-en-Chaussée in the direction Boulogne-sur-Mer / Paris, indicate the police on their Facebook page .

The driver, intercepted, says he does not have his papers on him. But he gives a precise identity. He is subject to the alcohol test, which is negative. The drug test turned out to be positive for cannabis, cocaine and opiates.

Without a license and a repeat offender

The mis en cause is arrested and placed in custody. During his hearing, he makes incoherent remarks and the gendarmes realize that the declared identity is that … of the suspect’s brother! The latter does not have the permit and, what is more, is a repeat offender of several road offenses.

Placed in detention, he was tried a few days later, Wednesday 14th March, at the High Court of Amiens in the context of an immediate appearance. He is sentenced to 12 months in prison, including 3 months suspended, 500 euros fine, and leaves directly to the prison.

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