Gironde: Speeding at 229 km/h instead of 110, the Young Driver was Racing on the A89

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Two drivers caught speeding in the Gironde

Two motorists, who were racing on a motorway near Libourne (Gironde), were caught at 229 and 228 km/h.One of the drivers had a probationary license.

119 and 98 km / h above the speed limit! On Saturday, March 10, in the early evening, two drivers  were controlled by the gendarmes of the rapid intervention team of Mios (Gironde) at a speed of 229 and 228 km/h  on the highway at the height of the municipality. ‘ Arveyres , near Libourne.

The youngest driver, aged 23, on a probationary license, was not allowed to exceed 110 km/h. At the wheel of a Golf GTI, his friend was allowed to drive up to 130 km/h.

According to France Bleu , the two individuals were racing on the A89.

Immobilized vehicles, license withdrawn

The two cars were stopped by the police and placed in the pound. The drivers have been subject to an immediate withdrawal of their driver’s license.

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