Weather: The Sun Comes Back and Settles in Argentan!

Local News
The sun will shine brightly at Argentan this weekend.

The sun is back in the area of Argentan. And with it: temperatures above 10 ° C!

Météo France assure us … The sun is back in Argentan for a weekend  ! After months and months of weekends in the rain, the sun finally decides to hang in our sky.

And that’s not all: temperatures will rise again. If Saturday morning, they will stay around 3 degrees, in the afternoon, the temperatures could display values ​​above 10 ° C.

A more changeable Sunday

Sunday, in the morning, the weather will be lenient, just like Saturday. But it’s the afternoon that things are going to spoil.

The rain will appear in the middle of the afternoon before strengthening in the evening. But now, that makes us more afraid …

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