Snow and Ice: 28 Departments Still on Orange Alert

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28 departments are still on orange alert for snow and ice

The cold intensified on Tuesday and affects almost half of France, with snow and ice in Paris. 28 departments are on orange alert for snow and ice.

The onslaught of winter intensifies this Tuesday 6th February and affects almost half of France, with snow and ice in the Paris region , and freezing temperatures that led 22 departments to activate their “cold” plans.

It is around an axis from the Pays de Loire and Poitou the Ardennes through the Ile-de-France that the amount of snow to come will be the most consistent, according to Meteo France , which keeps on Tuesday, 28 departments on orange alert for snow and ice until Wednesday 12pm. Loire-Atlantique, Haute-Marne, Meuse and the Vendée are, themselves, more alert.

The departments concerned are:

  • Aubeawn
  • Ardennes
  • Aveyron
  • Cher
  • Eure-et-Loir
  • Indre
  • Indre-et-Loire
  • Loir-et-Cher
  • Loiret
  • Maine-et-Loire
  • Marne
  • Mayenne
  • Orne
  • Sarthe
  • Paris and petite couronne (75-92-93-94)
  • Seine et Marne
  • Yvelines
  • Deux-Sevres
  • Vienna
  • Yonne
  • Essonne
  • Val d’Oise,
  • Aisne
  • Eure
  • Oise.

“It will be a real incursion of winter, late but real, with the meeting of cold air came from Scandinavian countries and disruption back south,” said forecaster Sébastien Leas, announcing ” the first episode remarkable snow of the season . ”

Snow and Ice warning in France
Snow and Ice warning in France

“Snowfall often low or moderate will continue today, Tuesday. In the late afternoon and especially in the first night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the snowfall will be strengthened to become regular and notable in many of the departments placed on orange alert. It’s about an axis running east of the Loire Valley in the Aisne through the Ile de France, which are expected the strongest amounts of snow, “said Meteo-France’s latest newsletter.

Caution on the roads

At night, the snowfall was observed, from the Limousin, west of Burgundy and the Center-Val de Loire to the Île-de-France, is the Hauts-de- France and the Grand East, according to the institute.

In Paris, the snow that started falling Monday but “not significantly” should continue Tuesday. Five to ten centimeters are expected in Ile-de-France , “possibly a bit more timely.”

Meteo France warned against the risk of “very difficult driving conditions.”

As for the north-east, it is the rain and freezing drizzle at risk, more than the usual snow totals for these regions.

Down to minus 10 degrees

Snowfall will be extended Wednesday, including the center-west, New Aquitaine.

But mostly snow cover will help to bring down temperatures, and Météo France expects “widespread frost” on Wednesday, excluding Mediterranean.

The thermometer may well locally down to -10 ° C, especially in the Loire Valley, Berry.

Twenty-two departments, including the eight Ile-de-France, North and Rhône, thus activated Monday their “cold alert” for the accommodation of homeless, announced the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion .

This means opening a thousand emergency accommodation places, in addition to 13,000 already planned for the winter: 649 additional places in Ile-de-France, 110 in a gym in Lyon …

In the Paris region, the prefect set up a “crisis cell” and marauding teams (Samu Social, City, associations, etc.) will be strengthened. In Calais, containers and two sheds were to be open to migrants.

After a quieter on Thursday, Friday should see the arrival of a new disturbance , this time coming from the northwest, affecting a whole section of the Hauts-de-France Limousin up through the Ile-de-France .

The contrast is great with recent weeks. The softness was in effect dominated, with the month of the mildest January in more than a century and a record rainfall fueling floods in many areas.

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