Farmers Sow Chaos on the Roads around Toulouse and the Region

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Big mess in the Toulouse region, Monday, February 5, 2018, where farmers block highways A62, A20 and A68 and the RN124 in the Gers

Big hassle circulate on the roads this Monday 5th February, 2018 around Toulouse: angry farmers block roads Gers, Tarn-et-Garonne, the Tarn and Haute-Garonne …

UPDATE AT 7.15pm  The prefecture indicates that the risk of significant blockages are expected Tuesday, February 6 in the morning on the A64 motorway towards Toulouse . A snail operation is announced on the A64 between Toulouse and Muret device from 5am. Another is planned from the device to the A64 on Tuesday night. According Vinci Autoroutes, other exchangers A20 could be closed, including Souillac (No. 55), Labastide-Murat (No. 56) and Cahors South (No. 58). 
UPDATE AT 5.40pm 
Farmers do not release the pressure, closed the A68 in the direction Toulouse / Albi. The prefecture Occitan announcement in late afternoon close to the A68 the Toulouse-Albi direction and advises taking the outputs 17 (Lasbordes / city of Space) and No. 13 (Borderouge) device, to avoid the current blocking farmers settled in Montastruc-la -Conseillère . Differences are in place to circumvent agricultural event. For the No.13 exit: urban boulevard north and D64, D15 to Bessieres then the RD630 and RD988 To exit 17, take the RD826 to the junction of the N126. From his side Highway Vinci  confirms that the A68 is blocked at Montastruc in both directions. The A680 is also always cut from Verfeil and the northern ring road Montauban (on the A20 ) Is always closed between Caussade (No. 59) and ZI Nord (No. 61).

The tractors of the mess. More than a week after the beginning of their movement, farmers Occitan continue Monday, February 5, 2018 to block roads, protesting against rezoning of areas subject to natural constraints (ZSCN) they want to review. And two days of a crucial meeting with Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert, they do not intend to let off steam … They promise include paralyze the device again in Toulouse Wednesday, February 7, 2018, as they had done a week earlier.

And also several accidents

Meanwhile, blockages leave more beautiful: Monday, February 5, 2018, farmers sow discord in a sacred Occitan, including both sides of Toulouse . Traffic conditions are not arranged by an accident in the early hours south of the Pink City, near Muret . And a fire occurred at the same time on a truck carrying nine cars north this time near Fronton. When it does not, it does not …

Farmers currently focused their movement on three locking zones: the north , to the east and to the westof Toulouse. Update on the situation at mid-day in Occitan.

In the East, paralyzed traffic between Albi and Toulouse

It was a little chef’s surprise,  this morning in the area. Farmers have set up a complete blockage of motorways A68 and A680 towards Toulouse. The result: from Albi (Tarn), some motorists have lost more than three hours in their car, to join the Pink City!

The A68 is cut off since Monday morning, around 7:30, and 7:50 from the A60. In fact, here are the disturbances at 11 am:

  • Entry prohibited Gémil (exit 4)
  • Mandatory exit and entry prohibited Montastruc (exit 3)
  • Entry prohibited Gragnague (output # 2)

A traffic buildup of about three kilometres persisted in mid-day at the Montastruc exit (exit 3). According Vinci Autoroutes, “drivers who had been trapped in this disturbance are evacuated through a service portal.”

In the North, agricultural fortress stands in Montauban

This is the epicenter of anger and still is, ten days after the beginning of the movement, the stronghold of the revolt. The A20 motorway is still closed to traffic in both directions,  at the northern bypass of Montauban, and from Monday, January 29, 2018 … Either a week!

  • The cut A20 in both directions

The northern Montauban bypass will cut both ways “for an indefinite period” between interchanges Caussade (No. 59) and ZI North / Aussonne (61), falls Vinci Autoroutes. Entry is prohibited and mandatory exit these exchangers, for all vehicles.

How to avoid this deadlock?

It is advisable to exit at Labastide-Murat (No. 56) in the direction of Toulouse.
Binding exit from Toulouse entries allowed in both directions Caussade (# 59).
Entries prohibited to Toulouse as Brive, and mandatory exit towards Toulouse Aussonne (No. 6).
Mandatory exit and entry prohibited ZI Nord Montauban (No. 61- towards Brive).

  • The A62 in turn paralyzed

On the A62 this time , always near Montauban, new demonstrations have been ongoing since 10 o’clock this Monday exchangers Valencia-d’Agen (8), making it impossible to enter or exit the highway.

How to avoid this deadlock?

The output is advised to Agen (No. 7) to Toulouse to join the sector Cahors (Lot) . Entry is prohibited and the output is mandatory to these exchangers, for all vehicles.

In the West, Auch cut the world

At the same time, the city of Auch (Gers) is literally cut off from the world  Monday, February 5, 2018, asthe four main entrances of the city, which lead from the highways 124 and 21 are blocked by farmers: it s ‘these are the roundabouts of Pavia, as well as those of the Righteous, the Huree and St. Cricq. 
On social networks, the Gers prefecture says “it is strongly recommended to avoid these axes and respect diversions in place.”

How to avoid this deadlock?

If you hope to reach in Auch, Toulouse News suggest you rather go through the RD626 and the town of Pessan , southeast of the city! But it is still necessary to join …


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