The driver was intercepted by the gendarmes aboard their Megane RS in the Vaucluse

At 227 km/h Instead of 110 in the Vaucluse, He Had Just Obtained his License

Local News

This Sunday, an 18-year-old driver at the wheel of a Mercedes A250 was caught speeding at the delirious speed of 227 km/h on the A7 motorway at Sorgues, near Orange.

It took him two short weeks to lose the valuable driver’s license. Sunday, February 25, a young 18-year-old driver roared the engine of his Mercedes A250 on the A7 motorway in the Vaucluse, reports La Provence .

But while he was at the level of the municipality of Sorgues , the gendarmes of the orange motorway platoon flashed at the hallucinante speed of 227 km/h, instead of the authorised 110. The driver was intercepted by the Megane RSof the gendarmes, who immediately removed his probationary license … obtained 15 days earlier!

He will have to appear before the Avignon Criminal Court.

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