At 227 km/h Instead of 110 in the Vaucluse, He Had Just Obtained his License

Local News
The driver was intercepted by the gendarmes aboard their Megane RS in the Vaucluse

This Sunday, an 18-year-old driver at the wheel of a Mercedes A250 was caught speeding at the delirious speed of 227 km/h on the A7 motorway at Sorgues, near Orange.

It took him two short weeks to lose the valuable driver’s license. Sunday, February 25, a young 18-year-old driver roared the engine of his Mercedes A250 on the A7 motorway in the Vaucluse, reports La Provence .

But while he was at the level of the municipality of Sorgues , the gendarmes of the orange motorway platoon flashed at the hallucinante speed of 227 km/h, instead of the authorised 110. The driver was intercepted by the Megane RSof the gendarmes, who immediately removed his probationary license … obtained 15 days earlier!

He will have to appear before the Avignon Criminal Court.

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