Weather: A New Storm in the West? Gusts to 110 km/h Expected

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A new storm is expected from the west of France

A new storm is expected to cross the country from Tuesday 16th January. Wind gusts up to 110 km/h accompanied by rain, are notably announced.

The rain came in the northwest on Monday January 15 in the morning, in Brittany and Normandy . A region where the wind is already very strong.

In the coming days, especially between Tuesday and Friday, forecasters announce a risk of another storm , Felix Fionn or,depending on the country it touches first.

If it first strikes the British Isles, this new disturbance will be named Fionn. But “if its path first impact France and Spain, it will be called Felix,” said The Weather Channel .

Already four storms

This would be the fifth storm since the beginning of winter , after Ana, Bruno, Carmen and Eleanor. Not since the winter of 2014 to find a low pressure as strong activity in France, report our colleagues.

Depression may increase rapidly over Ireland and sweep northern France  on Monday and Tuesday, with violent winds (up to 110 km / h). Corsica will also experience strong gale. This should spread over the entire coastline, the Basque country to the Hauts-de-France, on Thursday January 18th. The interior will also be affected, but to a lesser extent.

Heavy rains are expected and the water levels to rise in a big northern half of the country.

Wind, rain and snow are on the program of the week in France, according to forecasts.
Wind, rain and snow are on the program of the week in France, according to forecasts. (© The Weather Channel)

Back to the cold in plains

If a mountain avalanche risk is also announced the return of cold weather is expected in plains, especially in the East. With bonus flakes: up to a meter of snow is expected over the mountains of the Alps and Jura.

The storm killed seven people

Eleanor , the most powerful storm of the winter has killed seven people  early January: floods, winds and avalanches have extensive damage throughout the country. Research is continuing elsewhere to recover the body of a police, fell into the Seine in Paris .

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