Eurovision 2018: The Duo Madame, Monsieur to Represent France

The duo Ms Mr (Jean-Karl Lukas and Emilie Satt) in the final of Eurovision 2018. Destination

CONTEST: The final of “Eurovision Destination” was broadcast this Saturday on France 2. Viewers and an international jury nominated the song that will represent France in the competition in Portugal on the 12th May …

The duo Madame Monsieur will represent France with the song “Mercy” at the Eurovision contest on the 12th May in Lisbon (Portugal). So have decided on Saturday by the viewers and an international jury composed of representatives from ten countries were invited to vote for their favourite song among the eight finalists of Eurovision destination.

With 186 points, the duo of Emilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lukas won ahead Lisandro Cuxi (162 points). Malo complete the podium of the France 2 program with his piece Ciao(117 points). Note that Lisandro had won the votes of foreign jurors and Madame Mosieur was third.

“Our song is not political”

Mercy evokes the true story of a little girl born last year on the Aquarius , a ship coming to the aid of refugees in the Mediterranean. “Our song is not political, it does not provide a solution,” explain the two artists who primarily wanted to convey a message of humanity. The result is actually a moving piece but without sentimentality.

In the final of Eurovision, the tricolor defend Madame Monsieur chances against twenty-six other candidates.

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