Death of France Gall: The World of Culture Expressed its Emotion

The world of Culture express emotion over the death of France Gall

After the death of singer France Gall, personalities and institutions of world culture expressed their emotion.

Jack Lang (statement to AFP): “France Gall, the little French song bride is gone Unforgettable. “L’inoubliable “Poupée de cire, poupée de son ” of Serge Gainsbourg and the muse of Michel Berger will we drawn into a whirlwind of melodies. Passionately and tirelessly, France Gall will give everything for music and eternal Lolita, she will sing the life and love. as singer inspired and radiant, she will share with us countless moments of joy and happiness. it is a part of our musical heritage that disappears but the gentle tone of voice of our moving groupie pianist will still be a long time in our hearts. ”

Richard Berry, who participated with him in the humanitarian operation “Action Ecoles” in Africa (RTL): “France Gall was the exhilaration He was an extremely outgoing, forward. others can be moved by the difficulty of others. This is someone who touched me tremendously. “

Hugues Aufray (RTL): “I see the little girl, who is with his dad, who comes to see me to introduce myself a song in 1959. Shortly after, she started to become a real star with her first songs . she had a little girl’s voice, she sang very fair with genuine naivete I think she was honest, she never played any role she was kind I think that’s it, its success…: its natural (…) “.

Julien Clerc , who was his companion for five years, “France, we had 20 years of joys and sorrows. Part of my life is going with you.”

The Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen , hailed “a French music icon ” which” faced personal struggles by giving everything to music. ”

 Mireille Mathieu AFP: “I had my debut in France in December 1965, I went on tour in the show Hugues Aufray which she was the American star (…) She was extremely. kindness towards me that was my first steps on stage. Her songs are a part of our life. ”

For Jane Birkin , she was “surprisingly candid, mysterious”.

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