Contaminated Baby Milk: Bruno Le Maire Announced 2500 Additional Controls

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Contaminated baby milk, Bruno Le Marie has announced more controls

Mass distribution and the management of Lactalis are called by Bruno Le Maire following the contaminated baby milk with salmonella.

The Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire convening this Thursday 11th January, 2018, announced at 6.30pm to supermarkets and Friday morning to the management of Lactalis, that he deemed business “failing” at a news-item on contaminated infant milk salmonella.

Mr. Bruno Le Maire also announced that Fraud proceed “next week” to 2,500 additional controls in establishments holding Lactalis milks.

“This case is serious”

Five large distribution groups (Leclerc, Carrefour, Système U, Auchan, Casino) have admitted selling of Lactalis products that should have been withdrawn from sale.

“This case is severe it led to unacceptable behaviors, that will be punished,” said the minister who severely reprimanded the leadership of Lactalis.

He recalled having to sign himself on the 9th December a decree calling for the suspension of the marketing of infant formula and the recall of some 600 lots, or 11,000 tons.

“The state on the 9th December substituted for a failing firm I recall it is the only responsible for the quality and safety of products on the market,” concluded Mr. Maire

Criminal investigation

“This is a major malfunction in the process of withdrawal / recall by operators, which is the responsibility”, also said Thursday the Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Travert, who called on operators to do “all light on failures. ”

“There is a criminal investigation (…) which should allow to see what specific responsibilities and be sanctions,” recalled on USAinformations Christophe Castaner, general delegate of the Republic on.

“Then you have clearly put all operators around the table because everyone is responsible for his actions scale that system, to ensure that we have the most reliable system possible.”

“There was initially a failure of the business, retail, there was also perhaps a failure of the state”, ruled his side on RTL former candidate PS president, Benoît Hamon, lamenting a downsizing of the DGCCRF.

According to him, “there is less control over the land and companies that reduce their costs for logical profit expose us to health risks.”

Two deputies, Geoffroy Didier, Deputy Secretary General RS, and Clémentine Autain (BIA), called for the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry.

“Trade excuses that have already started on the part of some large distribution groups, administrative reports that will accumulate absolutely do not suffice,” Didier estimated.

“The state today is not well prepared to have a hierarchical power on recall procedures, it can not that frame.”

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