Charente Economy: Le Roi de la fête is in Liquidation

Local News
La Roi de la Fete is closing in the Charente

It was part of the Party landscape in the Charente region

It was ten years ago, opened all for the party, in the heart of Champniers Mountains area, near the Decathlon store. A recovery case it three years ago by Erwan Saliou. This Breton is now forced to close the shop. It is currently undergoing liquidation before cessation of activities scheduled for the 1st of March.

The consequence of too stiff competition from Fête ci Fête ça following this, another shop specialised in costumes and items to make the shindig, which opened in October 2016 the new Mountain West area, a few hundred meters. “In Angouleme there is only room for one store party goods. Since we are two, we suffer. “

Le Roi de la fête was employing five people in its infancy. “Now we are only three. It was tight as we could, but here we get to the end. We were forced to take the decision to close the shop. A force to do new business areas, small as we jump, “ concludes sadly Erwan Saliou.

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