The British Foreign Minister Suggests a 35km Bridge Over the Channel

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British Foreign Minister Boris Johnston, suggests a bridge across the Channel

COOPERATION: The proposal by Boris Johnson was made during the Anglo-French summit …

The British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, attended today, Thursday the Anglo-French summit in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron and has submitted a project for the less daring: a bridge, 35 Kilometres (about 22 miles), which would cross the Channel between France and the United Kingdom, according to comments reported by the newspaper the Guardian .

Macron would not say no

The British foreign minister has thus explained that it was “ridiculous” that two of the largest economies in the world are connected only by a train line.

Emmanuel Macron would be open to this proposal, considering also the need to develop another link between the two countries. Boris Johnson tweeted a photo of himself with the French president, accompanied by a jovial legend: “En Marche!  Beautiful meetings with French counterparts today. “

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