The British Foreign Minister Suggests a 35km Bridge Over the Channel

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British Foreign Minister Boris Johnston, suggests a bridge across the Channel

COOPERATION: The proposal of a bridge over the Channel was made by Boris Johnson was made during the Anglo-French summit …

The British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, attended today, Thursday the Anglo-French summit in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron and has submitted a project for the less daring: a bridge, 35 Kilometres (about 22 miles), which would cross the Channel between France and the United Kingdom, according to comments reported by the newspaper the Guardian.

Macron would not say no

The British foreign minister has thus explained that it was “ridiculous” that two of the largest economies in the world are connected only by a train line.

Emmanuel Macron would be open to this proposal, considering also the need to develop another link between the two countries. Boris Johnson tweeted a photo of himself with the French president, accompanied by a jovial legend: “En Marche!  Beautiful meetings with French counterparts today. “

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