Weather in Lorient: Likely High Winds Sunday Evening

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A wet and windy weekend is forecast for Lorient

Here is the weather forecast for this weekend in and around Lorient. The rain is here, the wind will come Sunday evening.

The arrival on Saturday of an active depression over Ireland, will generate the return of disturbed westerly wind flow over Brittany and Lorient, making a wet and windy weekend.


Variable at dawn and in the early morning, the sky during the morning will be clouded over until mid-day at the approach of an active disturbance. Rain early in the afternoon, the sky was quickly covered with the rains from 13pm – 4pm. First weak to moderate rains become abundant enough and abundant enough to heavy early evening.

Wind gusts from this afternoon

Weak wind from west to morning south of the freshening midday gradually (force 3-4, gusts 30-40 km/h, 40-50 Groix). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1m. Low: 2 / 3 degrees; max: 8 / 9 degrees; (1 / 2 degrees to 7 / 8 degrees in,land). Continuous and heavy rain in the evening with south wind (force 5 gusting 55-65 km/h, 65-75 Groix). 8 degrees at 8pm and 10 degrees at midnight.


Rains which are evacuated at dawn above a light morning then variable clouds and cumulus. At midday, the instability that comes from the ocean generates alternating very brief cloudy, towering cumulus clouds and showers

By mid-afternoon, the sky is once again covered with clouds and with the arrival of a very active front generating rain becoming quite abundant.

New depression in the evening

Strong wind from west to hard from dawn to early afternoon (force 5-6, gusts 65-75 km/h, 85-100 Groix) fading mid-afternoon (force 4 -5, gusting 40-50 km/h, 60-70 Groix). Fort Blocked: West swell 3 and 4 m. Low: 7 / 8 degrees; maximum: 10 / 11 degrees (6 / 7 degrees to 9 / 10 degrees inland). Arrive very fast the new deepening low quickly with rains marked by a southerly wind and strong westerly (force 5-6, gusts 80-90 km/h, 95-110 Groix). 10 degrees at 8pm and 11 degrees at midnight.

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