TER Rail Traffic Disrupted between Laval and Brittany after an Accident

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TER Rail traffic was disrupted between Laval and Brittany

One person was hit by a train on the railway line between Paris and Brittany, on Friday morning shortly after 7am. The train traffic was disrupted. The TER was interrupted due to the emergency services.

The traffic of regional express trains (TER) was interrupted for about three hours, between Laval and Vitre, after a TGV Paris-Montparnasse Rennes hit a person, shortly before 7am on Friday. Traffic is about to resume.

SNCF announced that traffic will remain disrupted between Le Mans and Rennes and Laval between Angers-Laval Rennes “until 10 pm.”

However, traffic of the TGV is not disturbed.

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